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You are about to book a table at Koinonia, 19/20,St Marks Lane Newark ,Nottingham shire 

Please make your booking in accordance with our regular opening hours. 

11:30- 15:00 & 17:00-21:30

11:30- 21:30

11:30- 19:30



We believe you are healthy and not showing any symptoms of cold, cough or fever while visiting us. Together we can keep each other healthy !!

Kindly make individual bookings for a maximum of two families and cooperate with us in following the COVID-19 guidelines. We hope that you understand the current restrictions imposed as part of COVID-19 safety measures.

Terms and Conditions

Booking is advisable every day and restaurant reservations can be made by telephone on 01636706230 or email to info@ or via this website. Please note that this not a live booking system. The table booked through the website has to be confirmed via a return email.

Our menu is available to view online at koinoniarestaurant . Please inform us of any special dietary requirements (mention about it while placing order with the service person) or requests for special occasions at the time of booking.

We kindly request that you keep to the table time requested. If you are unavoidably late, please contact us as we may only be in a position to hold your table for 15 minutes. Please note our return time for dinner is two hours and lunch is one hour from the time the table is reserved. If you need more time for your visit please mention that while booking the table.

We have performed risk assessment to identify risks  and have taken necessary steps to reduce risks of COVID-19 while staff and our customers are at our premises.

By continuing to book a table you are agreeing to our updated Privacy Policy and updated Terms & Conditions. 

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